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Serenity at Sea

This is a running blog about Serenity, a 45' Shannon sail boat currently sailing around the Atlantic, and her crew.

Update from Serenity

Heading to St Johns another over night trip. Clear skies and calm seas. What a joy. We had a great day in St Kitts. A walk into town produced a stash of delicious pastries for the boat ride. Lunch was in a local restaurant where we were the only tourists, yum. I realize our trip […]

Arrival in Grenada

After a stormy night (we expected no less from this trip) we arrived at Grenada early this morning. The wind died and we had engine troubles so didn’t make port until almost noon.   Docked now and customs cleared, it’s time to relax.   I’ll be flying out tomorrow, and Merrill will be staying in […]

Good wind

The sun is shinning, wind is blowing, and we are making with all haste to Grenada. There is rum in that port that needs drinking!

Arrival in Dominica

We’ve arrived in Dominica. Its an amazing island from what we’ve seen so far.   Tomorrow we’ll be hiking up one of the peaks here to the “boiling lake”. Its a bit of a slog, six hour hike up into the mountains. Then we have to clear customs and get heading south to make Grenada […]


On 3rd watch, spotted lights on land, first since Monday. Mostly likely they are from De Moule. Saw our first ship in two days earlier on 1st watch. We should make port in about ten hours.

Sun rising on a rough night at sea

Leaving Tortula we had some rambunctious seas. Morning has seen things calm down a bit. Currently on a tack for south of Dominica, so we’ll have to tack back up some time tomorrow.

Setting sail for Dominica

We’ve finished re-provisioning Serenity and are setting sail this evening for the island of Dominica. It should be a two day sail, and so far it’s looking like we will have favorable winds down to the island. Dominica is one of the less visited islands in the windward chain. With 5,000′ peaks and some interesting volcanic […]

Engine parts aquired!

The wonderful folks are Triad Boatworks got me all the engine parts Serenity needs. I will be bringing the parts with me when I fly to meet them this weekend, and Serenity will be back to full speed.